THE EYE OF THE TYPHOON with Minako Seki 
Under gravity, we connect to the centre of the Earth through our intention. Our weight also lands each step as we fall into the Earth. The Earth then meets our body and dances back, and in this
process we become aligned. The invisible cord of alignment hangs from the centre of the Earth through the centre of our body. We are hanging into the Sky. This way of seeing our fundamental existence activates the imagination in our body and mind. The Seki Method departs from this foundation to communicate
between the conscious and the unconscious.
370-450 euros (sliding scales according to one’s means) all inclusive (workshop 5h a day, accommodations in a dormitory or a tent, all meals cooked by our great chef)
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23 Impasse du Chalard, Larret – Saint Saud Lacoussière 24470
Since June 2020 Larret is a place of collective life, creation and hosting where projects around motion and dance movement in their ecological dimension are developed. An eco-somatic place for those who live there and those who come, dancers, researchers, philosophers, craftsmen, the curious…