Soma Kitchen is a project approaching food, cooking and eating as an integral part of our fleshy and animated being in the world. 

We believe in eating simple food cooked with traditional methods, preserving the flavour and essence of the local and seasonal products. Growing, gathering, cooking, eating and composting is a natural rhythm of our kitchen. We invite you to explore the acts of cooking and eating in the same way we experience our body intelligence during the somatic practices. trough a dynamic diversity of activities.

The idea for the workshop was born through the meeting of two chefs, Marla Minkiewicz and Alicja Jurasińska, through cooking together, harvesting the perfect vegetables, hours of rolling on the floor of a dance studio, late-night talks in the kitchen, folding bread at midnight and recalling smells and tastes from childhood.

We want to share with you the process of connecting with food by going to its source, returning to the principles of gathering, preserving, transforming, and exploring. We invite you to play, learn and cultivate the pleasure and impact of eating good food.

Through Soma Kitchen, we hope to enrich our community through the example of our own home. We want to share our experience of sustainable living and cooking no matter where you are.

IG: @somafoodkitchen